Corlanthum Sketch | A Moment in Washington Square

On this incredibly cold afternoon in Washington Square Park in New York City, I was surprised to see a pianist busking in the park. His hands were frigged, and he let all of the pianists that were listening know that the best way to play piano in the freezing cold was “to play like a t-rex.”

I got the joy of hearing him play his set twice that day. He had people lay underneath his piano, which apparently was designed some sort of special way.

I didn’t know what I would be filming that day. I just grabbed my camera, hopped onto the train in Brooklyn and took it into Manhattan, and was intending to just shoot a few stills. This kind of filming is hands-down my favorite. It’s the type of creating that you have to be completely present for - there are no shot lists, no call sheets, no crew calls. Just me and my camera, a man and his piano, and the people of New York. Complete serendipity. Wholesome, beautiful filming.